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Tuscan Recipes

Tuscan cuisine has a centuries-old tradition and here are some tuscan recipes for you to enjoy.

In palace and farmhouse, in the hills and on the seashore, it is almost impossible to find a meal that is lacking in grace, or that is in some way defective. The secrets are in the harmony, restraint, and the divina proportione that govern the ingredients in the same way as they govern Florentine sculpture and architecture.

Tuscany, mistress of culture, is without doubt, mistress of the kitchen as well. The Tuscans are well aware of this, and any Tuscan will swear that in his house you will dine better than anywhere in the world: he will be prepared to argue extensively, if necessary, to establish this “exclusive, universal truth”.

It is true that Tuscan cuisine, as a whole, is considered excellent. Consequently, it has become a national model for Italians to emulate – just as they refer to the Tuscan language as a model for the Italian language.

Maybe its all that homegrown olive oil…

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